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hog ring vs detent pin

Hog Ring vs Detent Pin – Which is Better to Use?

Whether you need to install a lock or use a lock pin to secure your door or locker, there are two main options: A hog ring or a detent pin. Both Hog Ring and Detent Pin are commonly used to lock the handle, while hog rings are cheaper and easier to buy than detent pins. […]

Boning Knife vs Fillet Knife: How to Choose the Right Cutlery?

The difference between a boning knife and a filleter knife is quite unclear. However, both are similar, and the choice depends on the kind of use you intend to use them for. What is a Boning Knife? Boning knives like Dexter Boning or Russel are used after carving knives. So after you have done the […]

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