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Insulation tools are a must-have item for woodworkers, carpenters, plumbers, framers, and anyone else who uses hammers, mallets, or similar tools.

Hammers and mallets are essential tools, but you need a wide variety to complete your job efficiently. We stock a wide range of well-known brands and premium-quality hammers and mallets at Insulation Tools. Here you will find a wide range of hammer and mallet combinations for every need.

Insulation Tools is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and we back our tools with a lifetime warranty.

All our hammers are made with sustainable materials, so you can rest assured that our products are not only durable but also environmentally friendly. No extra cost.

Find a Range of Hammers/ Mallets For All Types of Projects

We sell various types of metal hammers including the Riveting Hammer, Sheet Metal Hammer, and Tinners Hammer tools in multiple weights and sizes, each designed for a particular job.

For a softened strike, buy a mallet used to hit an object without damaging it. We are selling high-quality mallets at affordable prices made of solid wood, rubber, or leather.

From Tinners Mallet to Osborne Rubber Mallet instruments you can find something of your need. Most customers love to buy a tinner mallet because it is good for flat faces and can be used for forming metal and making seams and bends. Best for altering the surface of metals and as a sort of die for marking.

On the flip side, our wood handler customers love to buy rubber mallets because they are ideal to bend and shape sheet metal since they don’t leave marks. They are well known for forcing tight-fitting wooden parts together, shifting plasterboard into place, and in upholstery.

The choice is yours, so you can adapt to the task at hand. Don’t wait to order your favorite hammer/ mallet now!