Dexter Russell 9 inch scalloped Tiger slicer Red Handle 24293R


Dexter Russell 9 inch scalloped utility slicer

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This is a customized model made by Dexter Russell.

Known for its unique blade design, the legendary Tiger Edge Slicer efficiently performs even the toughest cutting jobs with speed and precision. Super sturdy, this stain-free, high-carbon blade combines both sharp and smooth scalloped edges. Stained Free high carbon American Steel , impervious blade to handle steel .

The points of the scallops easily break through material and also protect the sharp
cutting edges. After breaking through the tough outer surface, the
curved scalloped edges slice through soft interiors without damaging
them. Durable slip resistant polypropylene handle. Long blade works well on thick material such as fiberglass and mineral wool .

This knife fits well with a 20450 Scabbard / Sheath