Klein Tools D201-7CSTA Ironworker’s Pliers, Aggressive Knurl, 9-Inch


Type: Cutting Pliers
Application: Soft Annealed Rebar Tie Wire
Special Features: Aggressive Knurl; Spring Loaded
Overall Length: 9.25” (235 mm)
Material: Steel
Nose Type: Square
Jaw Length: 1.281” (32.5 mm)
Jaw Width: 1.156” (29.4 mm)
Jaw Thickness: 1-9/32” (32.5 mm)
Knife Length: 0.625” (15.9 mm)
Handle Color: Red
Handle Finish: Plastic
Weight: 0.75 lb (0.34 kg)
UPC: 092644703010

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These Ironworker’s Pliers cut and twist rebar tie wire. They feature aggressive teeth for a strong grip when twisting and pulling. The spring-loaded design enables self-opening. Exclusive handle tempering absorbs the ”snap” when cutting wire. Hook-bend in the handle provides added grip and leverage.

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