FSS7 Clauss Benzer utility snips
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FSS7 Clauss Benzer utility snips


If you are looking for snips that will resist water stains, rusting, and corroding than these are exactly what you are looking for. Small stainless steel blades perfect for cutting small wire, and finishing up the job. Cut underwater or above it. FS77 clauss benzer utility snips.


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Small stainless steel blades resist stains, water & rust.  These snips are Ideal for underwater cutting and working in small places. One blade partially serrated for extra gripping power. Easily cuts small wire. Oversized ambidexterous handles for both Rh & Lh users. Blunted tips allow them to be carried in apron pockets.
Overall Length: 7″
Cut Length: 2
** Please note that “BENZER” may be printed in the blades. This is still a Clauss scissor. BENZER manufactures them for Clauss. MADE IN JAPAN

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