Komelon 412HV 12′ Professional Chrome Tape
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Komelon 412HV 12′ Professional Chrome Tape



Komelon 412V 12′ Professional Chrome Tape


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12′ The Professional, Chrome
Nylon Coated Steel Blade
12′ x 5/8″
Ergonomically designed chrome case
Nylon coated, high viz blade
Slide lock to hold blade

The Professional is built to perform and last. This 12′ ergonomically designed chrome tape can complete any job. This durable tape by Komelon is named the professional for a reason– because it’s built for professionals and will deliver when put to the test. The Professional has Komelon’s high viz, nylon coated blade which is stopped and locked with a powerful slide lock. The high viz blade is painted with a neon yellow paint to increase visibility and readabilitty. This tape screams quality and will deliver value.

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Weight 1 lbs