P7 Dewalt Hog Ringer Stapler Plier
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P7 Dewalt Hog Ringer Stapler Plier


Very versatile due to the use of 16 gauge rings. Close mesh, plastic, and cloth bags. Bostich, Dewalt hog ringer.


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All metal construction.
Uses 16 gauge hog rings for extra versatility.
Spring loaded magazine feed.

Close off the neck of a twisted plastic, cloth or mesh bag
Secure method to permanently fix tags to potted plants
Low cost method to tighten burlap on root ball after tie-up
Hog ring load 50
Ring Size 11/16″
Staples RING 616G50
RING 616G50B
RING 616SS50

Hog Rings:
Closure size
9/32 “-23/64”, (7.1-9.1mm)


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Weight 2 lbs